Monday, December 17, 2007

Furniture and funny trucks

On the way back to Hanoi from Halong Bay we stopped at an industrial area which specializes in furniture

............and funny trucks.


Old Wom Tigley said...

The trucks are great, and look fun... but the carving and joinery is something else. I work in a wood yard here in Hyde then move in doors on the benches making windows and doors mostly. Any kind of work like this was all machined, and would not have been as good at this. I can still smell the wood we worked with. I loved polishing them up just before the went out.
Great post which fill me with memories of my past working life... I miss working more than the money is brought home. I miss the journey to and from work, the laughs and jokes with my fellow workers. Yes I can honestly say I miss working. Maybe it's because I can't no longer work that makes me feel like that.
ha! see what you've done now Jules... made me all sulky..:o)

dive said...

The joinery certainly is splendid, Jules.
I do hope the guys in the last shot were having a race. It looks too much fun!

Jules said...

Greetings Loyal Visitors - thank goodness you twow leave a message as i would be talking to meself otherwise!!!

Tom - so glad I was able to stimulate the memories of something good. I know we all should appreciate what we have because like you it is so easy to lose it, but we often whine about work when it really does give us so much!!

Dive - it gives a new definition to street racing hey?? Not sure any of those tyres had enough rubber to leave burnt-outs on the road though!!!