Friday, June 6, 2008

Tam biet

Rice paddies - Sapa
Street seller - Hoi An

Keeper of the lanterns - Hoi An

Wet day - Minh Mang Tomb - Hue

High flyer - Halong Bay

Old lady in doorway - Hanoi

Elephant - Dalat
This 10 month-long photographic blog, which was created after my family's holiday to Vietnam in September/October 2007, is done.

I still have a couple of photos on my computer (which is out of action)
and I am off for another week's work

"The time has come," said the Vietnamese walrus!!

I will leave you all with a series of published photos and the invitation to visit this amazing place and its wonderful people through my blog.

Cam on

Tam biet

(Thank you and goodbye )

or Chao

(if this is your first visit!!!)

Hue's Thien Mu

I still have no computer, so another photo from my laptop. View of Thien Mu (Celestial Lady Pagoda) built by Nguyen Hoang in 1601, from the Perfume River. The seven tiers of the temple's octangonal tower represent a different reincarnation of Buddha.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lady with hat

My computer, with all my photos is still out of action, and I only have a couple of my Vietnam photos on my laptop.

This photo, which is one of my favouites, was taken from my hotel balcony in Dalat.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Elderly street seller

My computer has died and is still at the hospital and only have a few photos on my laptop - most of which I have already posted.This photo of an elderly woman in Dalat is one that is our most poignant photographs.

My daughters were terribly worried about her being out on the street in her condition - she was very bent over and stiff. They wanted to know why she wasn't at home being looked after. Maybe this is what she wanted to do? But I'm sure if she had someone to care for her, they would have. The Vietnamese people honour and look after their old.