Monday, June 2, 2008

Elderly street seller

My computer has died and is still at the hospital and only have a few photos on my laptop - most of which I have already posted.This photo of an elderly woman in Dalat is one that is our most poignant photographs.

My daughters were terribly worried about her being out on the street in her condition - she was very bent over and stiff. They wanted to know why she wasn't at home being looked after. Maybe this is what she wanted to do? But I'm sure if she had someone to care for her, they would have. The Vietnamese people honour and look after their old.


alicesg said...

I am sure she will be healthier working than staying at home. I have many friends who still worked past their retirement to keep themselves occupied and have friends in the working place rather than stay at home alone. Very interesting photo.

Old Wom Tigley said...

The pictures is sad in many ways but what your daughters said specks volumes for them and their up bringing.. :O)

Jules said...

Alice - yes i hope that is the reason!!!

Tom - yes my girls are very soft and caring and if i let them we would have come home from Vietnam with hundreds of people, stray dogs and cats, and horses. It was hard to explain to them that horses are working animals and when they saw them loaded up with furniture or timber they would be hysterical. We had to avert their attention when they were on the road!!!! I think it is called culture shock.

d. chedwick said...

she's kind of pretty in a Judy Dench sort of way-- and selling Juicy fruit gum, I'd buy stuff just to give her some business. I am like your daughters, and my oldest sister was worse than me--she couldn't forget the needy people she met and would plan to help them somehow even if it made no sense as she was not at all well off and was struggling herself. Soft hearted beyond belief.