Saturday, April 12, 2008

Doorway and reflections

I sat waiting for someone to come out and sit on this chair but no one did.

This elderly gentleman was doing what I was doing - watching the passing parade of people on the street below.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Two great shots Jules.. went out and about me and Jane will sit and People watch.. it gets to be a hobby after awhile.. and is also a great way to relax..

Never mind for missing Sky Watch.. If you had posted it before you left I would have done the link for you.. next time then

Dave said...

That's an awful small and precarious balcony! I am not sure if you would catch me on that thing! Maybe it is more secure than I think it is! :-)

dive said...

That chair looks so tempting.

Jules said...

Hi Tom - yes this week I will be organised for Sky Watch!!!

Hi Dave - Yes it was more solid than it looks!!

Dive - I agree - a book and a glass of wine in the morning sun - yumm!!!!
Actually maybe it should be a cup of coffee if it is the morning????

Rich said...

I love the top pic -it looks like a paiting.