Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hanoi's women at work

A tribute to the working women of Hanoi.


quintarantino said...

I'm not saying much, but I like what I'm seeing!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

A beautyful set of pictures, did you do the colouring as well Jules? I've tried it once or twice and got reasonable results, but not as good as these.

dive said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful women, Jules.
How on earth did the lady in the top photo get all of that stuff tied to her bike?
And how will she get it all off without it collapsing everywhere?

Jules said...

Tom - the botttom photo I haven't touched even though it looks like it - I haven't touched it colour wise at all - it was really smoggy and dull and in the middle of this dull grey street was this beautiful lady in green with these fabulouus green leaves.
The top one i did layer as it was calling out to be done so you could see the load she had on the bike

Dive - God knows how she got it off - when she unties it the stuff will go flying all over Hanoi!!!!