Friday, October 19, 2007

Vietnam - same same but different

Why the name? In Vietnam we saw this on T-shirts everywhere and it made us smile because in PNG we say same same too!!!

I'll post a photo everyday with just a very short comment. I don't want to appear to know all about the place, but will add anything I think you might find interesting. I will work consecetively through the photos from the beginning of the trip to the end picking those I think are worthy. Many were taken by He-Who-Doesn't-Blog. We encountered some very wet, cloudy and smoggy weather so his expertise was wonderful. All of the photos except for a couple had to be taken manually because the weather conditions kept tricking the camera.

This was one of the first photos taken. You know that exciting feeling when you open up the window and look out on a city you have never been to before. I crawled out through the window onto a tiny balcony looked down onto the street and there she was - a Hanoi flower seller.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the new blog. I remember my first sight of a Japanese man in Yokohama harbor. He was on a garbage boat very small and had climbed up a rope to get on our troopship. He passed me in the hallway and I looked at him. Small. No shirt. No shoes. Coarse black hair. Black eyes. Big smile. Yellowish skin.

My first thought was that I would never be able to tell these people apart as they all looked the same.

dive said...

Cool, Jules!
I can't wait to see more.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What an interesting shot Jules, I'm looking forward to this series and I know that it will lead me to 'Google' and learn more.

I'll put you a new link on Wiggers World now..

Denton said...

A beautiful photo and exciting start to your new photo blog. I look forward to visiting again ... I especially look forward to the photos by He-Who-Doesn't-Blog.

CaBaCuRl said...

Great photo to kick off with, Jules...sets a high bar!LOL! It was exactly a year ago today my sister went to Vietnam to celebrate her 50th..way to go i reckon!!

Bergson said...

a framing excel

DaddyKaos said...

Was it just the T-shirt or have you been there in the past?

Hyde DP said...

nice shot -- sounds like you had a good time in spite of the weather.

Jules said...

Thanks all
I hope I can keep the two blogs going without all my hair falling out!!!

This was our first trip to Vietnam but not the last i hope.

Maria said...

Dear Jules, today I begin to view your journey through Vietnam. I was trilled by the way you photograh from the start and now, after having read your first entry, I know that I want to listen to your stories endlessly.
I think there is some kind of a dreamy atmosphere that fascinates me!
Kind regards, Maria