Monday, January 7, 2008

Tuc Do's Tomb II

More photos from around Tuc Do's Tomb outside Hue. See 27 December post on this page for earlier photos.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Another great set of pictures here Jules... apart from the one that's modeled so beautifully at the top, the one I like like best is the 'Old Door.

Glad to see the P.C. is O.K. and the phone lines are in order.

dive said...

Yes, the half-open door is an excellent shot, Jules.
The elephant is cute, too, but the models are cuter.

Jules said...

T & D - Oh flattery will get you everything you smoothies!!!

Tom - phone lines are still not great (they never are) but the operation was successful!!!

alexander said...

Nice photos. It must be a fantastic place to be in.

Alex's World! -

Dave said...

I had missed your blog over the last couple of days and so I went "back in time" to check them out. Love the photos you take... Always so very colourful! Especially loved the bikers in the rain. Now that I have written this, I thought of another and another so let me just say this... I love all your photos! :-) Take care!