Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning at the Opera House

This free Sunday morning concert on the steps of the 800-seat Municipal Theatre, in Lam Son Square Ho Chi Minh City was enthusiastically applauded.

Built as the Saigon Opera House in January 1900, this colonial- style building once housed the South Vietnam National Assembly. It was restored in 2000 and is now used for its original purpose.

The concert is free but not the newspapers! This lady selling newspapers had a captive audience.


dive said...

Free concerts? Cool!
The French never did get the hang of caryatids. Those are too chunky and they should never be symmetrical. Looking at the rest of the fa├žade, they certainly did get the hang of kitsch!

Old Wom Tigley said...

The frontage is a delight to see, the statues are very nice indeed. I think that must have been a great place to be at that time..
Hope you PC connects are fine..

Jules said...

Dive - so right except I'm sure if I fell over a carytid I'd never know!!!!

Tom - The music was great but I still think I prefer Van the Man!!!!