Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last look at Sapa

The French instigated a building boom in the 1930's as an escape from the coastal heat. The weather was wet the entire time so photos were very difficult.

Looking over the wall into someone's vegetable garden.

This restaurant, built on the side of a hill has an interesting walkway up to it.


dive said...

That walkway is too cool, Jules.
I suppose after a good night out they just roll you back down it?

And what a beautiful place, built around a little lake with lovely mountains all round. Wonderful.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I had to laugh at the vision inDive's comment, I could imagine to much drink and a mighty fall also.. ha!.. The whole place looks very fragile.
Love the garden, no place as been waste. The building looks to have been made from cobbles or river stones.

Jules said...

Managing these steps even sober would be an effort I reckon !!

The place is lovely but when umbrellas are a stock item in a hotel room you know it is very wet - too wet for this little black duck!!!!

dive said...

An Englishman would feel right at home!

Jules said...

You'd love it Dive and not only because of the rain.

Rich said...

I love this photo Jules. It looks like a place I could hide for a while and gain some sweet solitude.