Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Van Mieu - 2

More photos from Van Mieu, the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, see previous post for deatils.

The 82 stelae (on which the names of the scholars who passed their exams are listed) are resting on the backs of stone tortoises. The stelae were entombed in sand and concrete to protect them during the American War (as they call it in Vietnam). After the war they were exposed to the elements in the garden and were cracking and sinking, but American Express funded their preservation in eight elevated pavillions.

This is The Great Middle Gate which leads into the Garden of the Stelae.

In this garden is the Well of Heavenly Clarity.

Bonsais outside The Great House of Ceremonies


dive said...

Those tortoises are cute, Jules.
And the beautifully trimmed trees are simply awesome.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Dive said the word that first came to mind... Awesome.. what a beautiful place.

Maria said...

What gorgeous photos...those vivid reds...